At The Vault we’re dedicated to helping you go beyond the fuzzy world of innovation poetry.


The Vault is one the best places in the world for learning what innovation is, how it happens, and most importantly, how you can do it.

Located in San Francisco/Silicon Valley, The Vault offers innovation events, presentations, workshops, and consulting focused on innovation impact — i.e., establishing new and different products and services out in the real world that have a significant impact.

From pure research to practical techniques — including the groundbreaking Autodesk Innovation Genome Project — our unique theory + practice approach to innovation draws on both the dynamic innovation of Silicon Valley and the wisdom of the greatest innovators in human history.



Innovation is exciting, annoying, compelling, confusing, elusive and always evolving. 95% of what you read about innovation is IBNU:  “Interesting But Not Useful.”  This is the other 5% — innovation research, insights, techniques, and random musings drawn from 500+ innovation engagements, coming to you from the heart of the world’s innovation capital, Silicon Valley/San Francisco…

Vault Innovation Services

VIS is an innovation consultancy focused on helping large companies and government organizations learn how bring innovation back home. Drawing upon the work of VIA, as well as a deep network in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco innovation ecosystem, VIS offers organizations a range of services designed to help them to increase their capacity for doing real innovation.


Bill O’Connor is the Founder of the Autodesk Innovation Genome Project -- a 10-year research project studying the entire history of human innovation with the aim of identifying the essential techniques of innovation – as well as the Nobel Laureate Innovation Project, currently being developed at The Vault. Over the past seven years, Bill has delivered more than 500 presentations, workshops, and consulting engagements to hundreds of companies and organizations from 40 countries around the world, including Royal Bank of Scotland, Facebook, GE, Tesla, Airbnb, Renault, Google, Twitter, Starbucks, Nike, IKEA, Bechtel, Boeing, the US Naval Academy, the U.S. DoD, and the World Bank.